Google+ first impressions

As usual Google first ignored my begging for an invite on the official page, but Florian Rohrweck ( somehow had pity with me and sacrificed one of his invites for me. Thanks a lot, Florian! After one minute on google+ I knew this would be a long night and way too little sleep. The startpage reminded me a little bit Read More …

Wanna have! A gadget round up

Even James Bond would be desperately lost, if Q would not provide him with his genious masterpieces of technikal gadgets. Same as Double-O, those amoung you who have to cut their own path through the street jungle without a license to kill will inestimably value to be able to conjure up the right tool at the right time. So here’re Read More …

Google Browser “Chrome”

Google is passing the next logical milestone towards complete internet domination in a determined way, they are releasing their very own browser. Denied since years the gauntlet shall be slapped on Microsoft today at 20:00 GMT and Chrome should be available for download in over 100 countries. The own browser closes an important gap in the Google web portfolio, offering Read More … – a new threat for the google empire?

There is someone new in the search engine shark pool: They do not start silently, they know who is the enemy and the attack is declared: [Cuil means knowledge in Irish] claims to search 121,617,892,992 web pages, which is “three times as many as Google and ten times as many as Microsoft”.