Drone footage of the upper Isar river

Long time, no blogging, I just wanted to show up with a little life sign.So here are two drone vids I did for work, as we needed legal, licence secure fake advertisement video footage for a demo. Therefore the cheesy texts at the end…So here we go:The first one is taken around my home – the first two parts – Read More …

Rare encounter: mating leopard sharks

During a morning dive we stumbled over two leopard sharks deeply engaged in their flirtation.
The male shark had snapped the tail fin of his loved one – I am sure he did that as tender as he could! Read More …

Go Climb A Rock!

This is one of these sentences that never should appear on a blog. But I wanted to say sorry for that long period of idleness. So here are some impressions of a climbing trip I’ve been doing lately afar from not-blogging: Watzmann (2713m) via ferrata