Rare encounter: mating leopard sharks

During a morning dive we stumbled over two leopard sharks deeply engaged in their flirtation.
The male shark had snapped the tail fin of his loved one – I am sure he did that as tender as he could! Read More …

Dive safari on the SevenSeas

Here are the highlights of my one week trip with the Seven Seas to the Brother islands, Elphinstone Reef and Daedalus Reef. It was a joyful voyage, a great time with nice and friendly people and thrilling and fascinating wildlife encounters!

Diving the Maldives

This year I decided not to spent Xmas in cold, snowy and cloudy Germany, but to head to a tropic destination. So I picked Ellaidhoo in the Ari Atoll as the house reef there was described to be a good spot for large fish and there a was a properly kept diving base. Hearing of my plans my kindergarten fella Read More …