My travelling bucketlist

nightshift at the nurburgring

Nightshift at the Nürburgring

This is my personal bucketlist of (some) dream destination, spectaculae, awesome or dangerous things I definitely want do do, dream of doing, want to attend or experience before I get transferred into another sphere of consciousness:

  • Climb the Alpspitz ferrata
  • Attend the Palio in Siena
  • Freak out at the Burning Man
  • Observe a tiger in his natural habitat (Siberia or India)
  • See Angkor Wat
  • Climb on a volcano
  • Bungy jump over a high gorge
  • Encounter the following marine life while diving:
    whale sharks
    manta rays, giant manta
    hammerhead sharks
    nurse sharks
    bull sharks
    leopard sharks
    (Oh, yes I am quite into sharks, just in case you haven’t noticed.)
    humpback whales
    white sharks (here a cage would be nice!)
    tiger sharks
    blue-ringed octopus
    sea lions
    humboldt kalmar
    penguins (I already fear the cold…)
  • Airboat ride in the Everglades
  • Do skydiving or parachuting
  • Live in a foreign country for over a year
  • Travel over 100 countries
  • Camping and hiking in the Yosemite Valley, the Yellowstone NP and Monument Valley
  • Drive a long the Malecon in an American oldtimer
  • Cross the Sahara from north to south in a 4×4
  • Make a safari in the Okawango delta
  • Go hiking in Patagonia
  • Cruise the Mediterranian on my own boat (and wear a cheesy captains’s hat, alternatively a pirate costume)
  • Spend a weekend in the alps without sleeping in a hut or refuge
  • Walk the Camino del Rey
  • Fly through the Grand Canyon in a helicopter
  • Watch a Komodo dragon eye to eye
  • See Block IV in Tchernobyl
  • Hiking in Nepal
  • Explore the Namib in a 4×4
  • Make a dive cruise and explore the Galapagos Islands
  • Dive spots I wanna dive:
    Daedalus Reef
    Brother Islands

    Raja Ampat, Indonesia
    Galapagos Islands, Chile
    Ningaloo Reef, Australia
    Moal Boal, Phillipines
    Cocos Island, Mexico
    Islas de las Mujeres
    Socorro Island, Mexico (?)
    Triton Bay, Indonesia
    Isla Guadalupe
    MV Karwela wreck on Gozo, Malta
  • Go hiking the valley of the Soca in Slowenia
  • Experience the Sardine Run
  • Make a one week (better two weeks, but probably my butt cheeks will decide on that) mountain bike tour through the Alps
  • Going “All in” at a poker table in Las Vegas (having a crappy hand and trying a pitiful bluff)
  • Make a hike with snow shoes
  • Climb a long via ferrata in the Dolomites
  • Observe an aurea borealis
  • Sleep in an self build iglu or snowcave
  • Make a fishing trip to Finland
  • Visit Son Doong cave in Vietnam
  • Cruise through Halong Bay in Vietnam
  • Hike in the Bataara gorge in Lebanon
  • Visit Bora Bora
  • “Ride” the wave in Arizona
  • Sniffing the flowers in Casteluccio
  • Visit Petra wearing my Indy hat
  • Visit Florence
  • Go snowboarding, climbing and surfing in New Zealand at the same day!
  • Watch those gigantic waves rolling in at Nazaré in Portugal
  • Walk one (or more) of these European long-distance paths, preferably E1, E3, E5 or E7…
  • See a wild polar bear

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