Dive safari on the SevenSeas

Here are the highlights of my one week trip with the Seven Seas to the Brother islands, Elphinstone Reef and Daedalus Reef.
It was a joyful voyage, a great time with nice and friendly people and thrilling and fascinating wildlife encounters!

Longimanus shark

Longimanus shark at Big Brother Island, Red Sea, Egypt

The crew was so kind and helpful, our Dive Guide Ayman was doing great at being at the right spot at the right time, the vessel and the gear was clean and tidy and the smutje did the helluva great job!

But what made me really happy, was that I had an awesome encounter with scalloped hammerhead sharks at the Daedalus Reef:

It was thrilling from the beginning as we had to go deep to catch up with this school of about 26 individual sharks. And they were really deep down. But then they slowly rose up with us, allowing us to watch these absolutely fascinating creatures. I was so excited to see these out-of-this-world looking sharks for the first time and enjoyed every minute diving with them. The trouble was to leave their depth and get back to the surface as my diving computer was complaining…

Besides big sharks we were also lucky to be able to watch beautiful fishes like this peaceful Triggerfish accompanied by an Emperor Angelfish at the wreck of the Numidia at Big Brother Island:

These two fellas were truly amazing, as they were not shy at all and did not flee me or the camera.

Generally during this safari we ran into very curious and not frightened fishes at all, like this longimanus shark on the picture at the top. He was swimming between us divers during our safety stop, but we had to retreat as he began to be interested too much into the fins and flashes of another photographing diver. But I still need to edit that video material.

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