Expand your Dropbox storage!


Dropbox is a neat service offering free online storage including a file syncing and sharing client. By registering you’ll receive 2,25 GB, but you can expand that up to 16 GB.

You gain more web space by baiting new people to register to dropbox by sharing your referral link, which is a clever mechanism as they make their users advertise dropbox for free. So after registering you’ll start annoying your friends and family to register at dropbox.com to grab the bounty of additional 250MB per active user. Students with a valid school email address get a whopping 500MB for each person they invite to Dropbox.

Unfortunately this is a hard and slow method to boost your storage, to accelerate the process, you’ll have to throw (a little bit of) money at the problem.
Simply start a google adwords campaign promoting your own referral link. Usually this shouldn’t cost you more than 25-30 Bucks, which is a good deal I think…

If you are in need a huge amount of space, you’ll have to consider the premium services of dropbox, which start at 9,99 per month, full price list here.


Android users may snatch another free 500MB easily by installing the beta client for Android devices and using the photo uploader!
But be quick as it only works for the beta version, nobody knows how long it will work out!

Grab the APK directly from here:


or scan this QR Code:


If you want to support me, here’s my referral link:


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