Star Wars Flickr Set

No more Star Wars!


Unfortuanately this great collection of Star Wars Pics is no longer available, cause Lucasfilm accused Mr. Heilemann of copyright infringement and had delete the albums. Read the whole story here
This is a very sad and according to me not very clever move, though eexecuted technically correct, due there really was a infringement. But is this behaviour reasonable? The collection was loved by the fans, there was no commercial use and it was easier to watch as the legal source of SW pictures (No, I do not want to link, even mention it).
So does it make sense to anger the fans and delete their fanworks just cause you can do it and got the right to?

Shame on Lucasfilm!

Sheer awesomeness! A set of 304 Star Wars photos from the film set of the actors, George Lucas and the space ship models, of course! Featureing taking a nap, script drawings, Darth Vader on Hoth and laser sword fights!

Pure SW eye candy!

I cannot spot the “We brake for nobody” sticker on this Imperial star destroyer? Wait, maybe I’m confusing something here…

Even more Star Wars material!

Thanks jason kottke, that made my day!

The Force may be with you!

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