Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG announced!

Star Wars: The Old republic

The San Francisco LucasArts office announces the next sequel of the StarWars KOTOR series will be a MMORPG. All availaible information still is quite vague, but some statements can be found on

Art Director Jeff Dobson says that Old Republic will not have a totally realistic art style; but neither will it be too cartoon-y. The idea here, he says, is that they want a distinct look for the MMO that sets it apart from all others – one that will run on as many machines as possible without sacrificing the quality of the graphics.

They really, really, really mean it when they say that there is story in this game and it is what sets Old Republic apart from every MMO out there. features several screenshots.

Electronic Arts exec Frank Gibeau has confirmed that console versions of Star Wars: The Old Republic and Warhammer Online are “under consideration”.

A release date for Star Wars: The Old Republic has yet to be announced.

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