Dive safari on the SevenSeas

Here are the highlights of my one week trip with the Seven Seas to the Brother islands, Elphinstone Reef and Daedalus Reef. It was a joyful voyage, a great time with nice and friendly people and thrilling and fascinating wildlife encounters!

Desert trip in Tunisia

A friend of mine offered me the great opportunity to join him, his brother and some more friends for a three week off road trip into the western peripheral area of the Sahara in southern Tunisia. There was no real need to ponder hard about it… So Team Viltovergang was revived for another thrilling trip!

Go Climb A Rock!

This is one of these sentences that never should appear on a blog. But I wanted to say sorry for that long period of idleness. So here are some impressions of a climbing trip I’ve been doing lately afar from not-blogging: Watzmann (2713m) via ferrata