Social Media Sites (an update)

Here’s an attempt to build up a little list of the most important social media sites. As it is far from being complete, it will be expanded from time to time… Blogging WordPress  |  WordPress Factsheet Blogger  |  Blogger Factsheet Tumblr  |  Tumblr Factsheet LiveJournal  |  LiveJournal Factsheet Skyrock  |  Skyrock Factsheet Blogcatalog  |  Blogcatalog Factsheet MyBlogLog  |  MyBlogLog Factsheet Entrecard  |  Entrecard Factsheet Ameba  |  ameba Factsheet

Social marketing ebooks (free download)

Looking for informations, advices, strategies or hints guiding you on your paths through the social media djungle? Here you’ll find a composition of free ebooks that might be helpful on your efforts to successfully use social marketing mechanisms for building a brand, attract traffic or gain significance on a certain topic. So these Links will keep you busy for a Read More …

Free-to-use Social Media Icon set

I searched for free to use web 2.0 icons of social media sites, but I did not find anything nice except some stock icons. So I’ve made my own ones and I like to share them with you! Feel free to use, modify and integrate them on your blog or website. There is no need to link back, if you’d Read More …

Social Media Study

Interesting study about the usage and the behaviour of social media platform users from over 29 countries from A new study by Universal McCann called When did we start trusting strangers? found that rather than being passive, consumers have taken not only active, but also creative roles in consumerism. In fact, consumers have become true “consum’actors.” The study was Read More …

Social media sites

News aggregators: Friendfeed works as a feed of your social community activities, one adds services like flickr, picasa, twitter, google reader, digg, stumbleupon,, youtube, and of course own blogs sharing the own post/messages/links with other people and commenting the interesting stuff from others. Seriously good source of hot news right from the streets! A service to Read More … – a new threat for the google empire?

There is someone new in the search engine shark pool: They do not start silently, they know who is the enemy and the attack is declared: [Cuil means knowledge in Irish] claims to search 121,617,892,992 web pages, which is “three times as many as Google and ten times as many as Microsoft”.

Twitter vs Friendfeed

The discussion whether the one is killing the other is getting hotter and the opinions are raging high.
First of all these two “opponents” are hard to compare as friendfeed being a information aggregation tool and twitter a hybrid between instant messenger and micro blogging device.

Both serve certainly completely different needs, twitter mainly focuses on spreading rather personal opinons/feelings/emotional states/gossip, only randomly establishing a real conversation.
Friendfeed resembles a honey pot of information gathered by its user acting as honey bees collected from various flowers, like Digg, GoogleReader,, stumbleupon and many more. Read More …

40+ Tipps and Tricks for WordPress

The guys at offer a really neat list of diverse plugins, widgets and tricks helping you letting your blog to stand out of the crowd with stunning features one won’t find on the average blog. Even advanced wordpress users might find a new feature, so check it out: