My travelling bucketlist

nightshift at the nurburgring

Nightshift at the Nürburgring

This is my personal bucketlist of (some) dream destination, spectaculae, awesome or dangerous things I definitely want do do, dream of doing, want to attend or experience before I get transferred into another sphere of consciousness:

  • Climb the Alpspitz ferrata
  • Attend the Palio in Siena
  • Freak out at the Burning Man
  • Observe a tiger in his natural habitat (Siberia or India)
  • See Angkor Wat
  • Climb on a volcano
  • Bungy jump over a high gorge
  • Encounter the following marine life while diving:
    whale sharks
    manta rays, giant manta
    hammerhead sharks
    nurse sharks
    bull sharks
    leopard sharks
    (Oh, yes I am quite into sharks, just in case you haven’t noticed.)
    humpback whales
    white sharks (here a cage would be nice!)
    tiger sharks
    blue-ringed octopus
    sea lions
    humboldt kalmar
    penguins (I already fear the cold…)
  • Airboat ride in the Everglades
  • Do skydiving or parachuting
  • Live in a foreign country for over a year
  • Travel over 100 countries
  • Camping and hiking in the Yosemite Valley, the Yellowstone NP and Monument Valley
  • Drive a long the Malecon in an American oldtimer
  • Cross the Sahara from north to south in a 4×4
  • Make a safari in the Okawango delta
  • Go hiking in Patagonia
  • Cruise the Mediterranian on my own boat (and wear a cheesy captains’s hat, alternatively a pirate costume)
  • Spend a weekend in the alps without sleeping in a hut or refuge
  • Walk the Camino del Rey
  • Fly through the Grand Canyon in a helicopter
  • Watch a Komodo dragon eye to eye
  • See Block IV in Tchernobyl
  • Hiking in Nepal
  • Explore the Namib in a 4×4
  • Make a dive cruise and explore the Galapagos Islands
  • Dive spots I wanna dive:
    Daedalus Reef
    Brother Islands

    Raja Ampat
    Galapagos Islands
    Moal Boal
    Cocos Island
    Islas de las Mujeres
    Socorro Island
    Isla Guadalupe
  • Go hiking the valley of the Soca in Slowenia
  • Experience the Sardine Run
  • Make a one week (better two weeks, but probably my butt cheeks will decide on that) mountain bike tour through the Alps
  • Going “All in” at a poker table in Las Vegas (having a crappy hand and trying a pitiful bluff)
  • Make a hike with snow shoes
  • Climb a long via ferrata in the Dolomites
  • Observe an aurea borealis
  • Sleep in an self build iglu or snowcave
  • Make a fishing trip to Finland
  • Visit Son Doong cave in Vietnam
  • Cruise through Halong Bay in Vietnam
  • Hike in the Bataara gorge in Lebanon
  • Visit Bora Bora
  • “Ride” the wave in Arizona
  • Visit Petra wearing my Indy hat
  • Visit Florence
  • Go snowboarding, climbing and surfing in New Zealand at the same day!
  • Watch those gigantic waves rolling in at Nazaré in Portugal
  • Walk one (or more) of these European long-distance paths, preferably E1, E3, E5 or E7…
  • See a wild polar bear

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