Webdesign hints

Collection of sites for help and inspiration:

  • Create a Mac style CSS Dock Menu

    Really nice tutorial for creating a cool and fancy navigation using CSS and a Jquery Javascript library. Comes as complete Download, including a icon set.

  • How to: CSS large Background

    Here you’ll find instructions how to integrate a large image as webpage background properly.

  • Blurry Background Effect

    A very nice and eye teasing visual effect, unfortunately not working for Internet Explorer 6.

  • 12 Useful Web Tools for Designers

    Several neat tools making a webdesigners daily work less miserable, a color schemer, tools for creating templates, favicons, background patterns or fonts.

  • Creating scalable Layouts

    As the design of a site is confronted with a huge range of completly different screen resolutions, it should be pretty flexible. Should. Here’s ecplain how to achieve that.

  • Massive collection of CSS hints

    Ok, this might be quite an old post, but it’s still very useful and just through it’s coverage and useful tricks, all the techniques are great helpers.

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