– a new threat for the google empire?

There is someone new in the search engine shark pool: They do not start silently, they know who is the enemy and the attack is declared: [Cuil means knowledge in Irish] claims to search 121,617,892,992 web pages, which is “three times as many as Google and ten times as many as Microsoft”.

Social Media – get some tailwind out of communities

Viral Marketing, Social Marketing and digg-effect these buzz words symbolize the wet fantasy of many marketeers, making a product, brand or website the latest hype without spending a multi zillion Dollar budget on advertisement, sponsoring and PR. The good news: Yes, it’s possible, no doubt. The bad one: It’s hard work combined with sensitiveness, knowledge and a certain dose of Read More …

Concept spaceships – an art blog

Here you find an amazing collection of conceptual art illustrations of space ships, experimental flying devices and fighting drones. Real ones and fictional futuristic design concepts. Plus featuring several cool illustrations from Ralph McQuarries STAR WARS Portfolio, can’t tell how I like such stuff! Take a look at the concept spaceships!

Twitter vs Friendfeed

The discussion whether the one is killing the other is getting hotter and the opinions are raging high.
First of all these two “opponents” are hard to compare as friendfeed being a information aggregation tool and twitter a hybrid between instant messenger and micro blogging device.

Both serve certainly completely different needs, twitter mainly focuses on spreading rather personal opinons/feelings/emotional states/gossip, only randomly establishing a real conversation.
Friendfeed resembles a honey pot of information gathered by its user acting as honey bees collected from various flowers, like Digg, GoogleReader,, stumbleupon and many more. Read More …

40+ Tipps and Tricks for WordPress

The guys at offer a really neat list of diverse plugins, widgets and tricks helping you letting your blog to stand out of the crowd with stunning features one won’t find on the average blog. Even advanced wordpress users might find a new feature, so check it out: